HP Spectre Fold

Laptop. Tablet. Desktop. The HP Spectre Fold does it all in one device. With a seamless center fold you go from a 12" laptop to a 17" tablet. Slide off of the magnetic keyboards and pop out the built-in kickstand and you got yourself a desktop workspace. Take your laptop beyond anything you've seen before.

HP Envy x360

With a PC that easily transitions from laptop to tablet, you won't have to break your flow to change your focus. Laptop mode for your more traditional work. Open into a tablet to sketch, take notes or browse. Then put it into tent mode and stream the night away with it's IMAX Enhanced display. And with a long-lasting battery you can find your creative outlet without having to search for one.

HP Pavilion

With living quarters becoming your office, it's safe to say that space is tight. With the HP Pavilion All-In-One desktop you can go from kicking ass at work to kicking back and binging your shows at the touch of a button.

Displays + Peripherals

Working Outside at golden hour

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